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wln specialists

Dry Production Mixes and Grain Mixes

Dry Production Mixes and Grain Mixes manufactured by WLN are:

  • Custom formulated to best suit livestock nutritional requirements, weight gain targets and country type.
  • Manufactured using High Quality raw ingredients to provide a dust free, palatable, evenly mixed product.
  • Easily delivered anywhere across northern/central QLD direct to station or town.

Dry Production Mixes (For Cattle Only)

  • Dry Production Mixes are high protein meal based loose dry mixes designed to provide cattle with a high level of energy, protein and essential minerals which they  require for high weight gains or lactation, while still effectively utilising dry pastures being grazed.
  • Dry Production Mixes are ideal for weaners, lactating first & second calf heifers or to provide a rising plane of nutrition to breeders and/ or bulls during joining.
  • Dry Production Mixes are self- regulating (similar to a loose dry lick or lick block), and can be fed out in either open troughs or closed grain feeders. Daily intake is approx. 0.5% of body weight

Grain Mixes (For Cattle and Sheep)

All Grain Mixes are custom formulated to meet specific nutritional requirements and weight gain targets of livestock being fed such as:

  • Preparation of Bulls or Rams for Sale, Show or Joining
  • Weaners at weaning time or to grow weaners out
  • Spike feeding Heifers or Ewes for a successful joining

High quality steam flaked or cracked grains are available, plus a selection of protein meals, minerals, vitamins and other additives on request.