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Molasses Mixes and Molafos Pasture Supplements

WLN supplies a wide range of quality molasses-based supplements for cattle and sheep grazing mature pasture, browse, mulga, stubble or forage crops. All of these molasses-based supplements are formulated to be self-regulating and safely fed in open troughs.

By providing a wide range of products, WLN are able to ensure there is a product to best suit the different:

  • livestock production levels,
  • country & pasture/browse types and
  • producer budgets

Molasses-based supplements are ideal for:

  • Lactating breeders - where extra energy is required for maximum lactation and to maintain body weight
    Spike feeding – heifers, breeders and bulls for successful re-joining
  • Weaners – to continue growth and development during a period of the season when pastures are low in energy and protein
  • Production feeding - to meet specific target weights.
  • Phosphorus supply – Phosphorus can be added to all molasses-based products to increase phosphorus intakes in phosphorus deficient country

Molasses is an excellent source of energy and is high in sulphur. Urea is added to provide a non-protein nitrogen source and acts as a intake limiter. Flavomycin (F) is a new product which is added to improve the efficiency of the Rumen microflora in digesting dry pastures.

Products available:



Supplement Specific For:

M8UF Molasses, 8% Urea & Flavomycin® Economical to supplement breeders, bulls and weaners over 150kg. Low intakes, improves conception. Provides high levels of energy and protein to effectively utilise dry feed.

M4UF Molasses, 4% Urea & Flavomycin® Economical for young cattle under 240kg. Provides a balance of energy and protein to utilize dry pastures efficiently.

MProduction Molasses, 3% Urea, Copra meal & Trace Mineral Mix Provides high PRODUCTION. Ideal for weaners 70-150kg or to spike feed first calf heifers. Provides very important source of bypass protein, energy and minerals for high weight gains & important growth & development in young weaners.

15 & 15I
All Molafos Pasture Supplements are formulated with a high levels of Molasses (energy), low urea levels and a sound mineral balance. Products can be customised on request. All Molafos Pasture Supplements can be fed as a production supplement to cattle & sheep starting early in a dry season or as a dry feed/drought supplement on mature pasture, stubble or forage crops.
16 & 16I
20 & 20SS
Molafos Hi Phos (15NQ) High in Molasses (energy) with a low urea level, a sound mineral balance with added phosphorus. Ideal of all types of cattle who require additional phosphorus in phosphorus deficient country.