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Round Open troughs


Troughs with roofs

wln specialists

Troughs & Tanks

WLN are stockist of a very wide range and type of Troughs and Tanks.

Plastic Troughs for Dry Lick & Molasses Mixes

  1. Round Troughs – ranging from 50Litres to 2,500Litres
  2. Bulk Ezy Troughs – VERY POPULAR – Holds 3Tonne of molasses mix and has a floating cone on the top with holes around the edge to prevent cattle from jumping in the trough.
  3. Troughs with Roofs – to prevent rain from spoiling supplement

Molasses & Water Tanks

  • Round Tanks – ranging from 500Litres to the very large 45,900Litres
  • Colours – wide range to suit everyone's requirements
  • Fittings & Accessories – all types of fittings are available

Please Contact us for more information and pricing.